Thursday, 28 April 2011


so tuesday we discussed ideas and then carlos came up with the idea of HAVING A PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING HUB FOR rAVENSBOURNE aLUMNI.

there will be a premium attached to purchasing a page on the website the premium will go towards profits and will also go towards paying for the webspace.
this idea is great as it will promote the individual the films being made and the college. it can also be used to stay in contact almost like a virtual yearbook and could in theory have a long life span.

Tuesday cancelled :O

so after not being told what to do the next opportunity to find out what we are actually doing was cancelled, i contacted linnea and let her know of my disappointment. she replied stating that she will be available to discuss any ideas on the topic.



so after some thought i have decided to try and run an animation shop to sell all of the products that the animation students make in their individual groups. the idea is to sell merchandise that promotes the films being made. it is in its early stages but seems to have the approval of a majority of students. this could make money and whatever doesn't sell can be kept for the degree show and given as memorabilia to the delegates.

E+E session 1

so session 1 was like returning to primary school. the presentation taught me how to use my bank account which funnily enough i have been using for most of my life, it also taught me the meaning of the words buy, sell, barter and trade. the session consisted of a mad hatters tea party which just irritated me as i was trying to generate an idea to fit with the brief.

the brief was not properly explained by the tutor and left everyone bitter and mis-informed. it was only by pressing answers out of the tutor that i learnt that we have a hand in in just a weeks time, how ridiculous to not even tell the students doing the project.

so after this i have no group and my ideas are limited to selling tat.