Saturday, 11 June 2011


so its been very very difficult this week to get the whole group together, on 2 occasions part of the group met and decisions were not made as the group leader, Carlos, was reluctant to make decisions without the entire group being there, i can understand his point of view 100% but at the same time actions such as this are slowing down the projects production.

the plan to make t-shirts was generally agreed upon when i discovered a part of the brief which states and I quote: "There has to be actual trade- money switching hands or procurement agreement (/contract) signed- before summative assessment"

It took some discussions via facebook to get a general agreement by all and then the plan was set in motion.
i have personally been urging individuals to push their work forward and feel that if i hadn't intervened with the T-shirt plan then the group would not have reached that stage.

so i have been reminding carlos every week to get in contact with Jill Hogan to discuss the prospect of having a college portfolio/social network site. time is pressing on but he must be involved in this process.

this conversation was overheard by Tara and Hayley and they arranged a meeting with jill hogan. this meeting will double up as an opportunity to discuss the ravensbourne t-shirt aswell.

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