Saturday, 11 June 2011

thoughts on the presentation

soo we had a talk with Linnea over how the project hhas manifested itself so far. she highlighted the fact that the protfolio website/social network idea is good and it is something that the college is in the market for. this was reassuring although she did note that with the scale of the group she was expecting to see much more. it was clear that she thought the T-shirt mini business was much better as it was actually making money, but i think it all comes down to us estimating our company, the third nexus, making way more than it actually will. so the outcome was to keep rolling out the T-shirts and to continue working on the website but mainly as a consultancy position. so we would do all the groundwork in research, design and what not then we sell the layout and model to the college when they have funding. this way we make a quick earn and the project is released from our hands and will not tie us up when looking for jobs. the other suggestion was to create a small tight wespace of invite only so as to stay in contact with close professional friends, but the space can be used aswell for promotion.

i feel that the presentation was far too informal and did not give the opportunity for the group to properly present their findings and also for them to plot their progress. but the other thing is that the presentation was not marked so we can use it as simple guidance to inform the end of project report.

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