Saturday, 11 June 2011


so i did a little bit of light reading into the penrose pattern and what it actually is in the hope of informing my design. so its extremely complex and mathematical and thats about as far as i went after discovering how complex the algorithms are for creating the pattern i decided to hunt for reference photos of ravensbourne and work with that. in doing so i found a design by the company that created the mosaic and worked with that. i tried cutting and rotating the shapes but ended up at a loss as the source image is low resolution so it pixelates with ease. so all the cutting and cropping of the pattern endede up extremely messy.

so my next step was to take the logo into maya and build a 3D logo based on the designs. this all went relatively well apart from a slight innacuracy with the model but i was able to produce an interesting piece. the problem was that the 3D image just didnt work on a T-shirt and i was back to square one.

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