Saturday, 11 June 2011

meeting with Jill Hogan

so so so we met and once again the whole group was not present but with the number we did have we were able to compare designs and prepare for the meeting which was much later at 4:30.

i did mention that it would be helpful if we showed the designs to students to see whether the designs we were producing were actually liked. but this did not happen as we all cracked on with doing work for our final major project until the meeting.

the meeting was quick but very good in terms of information. we spoke about the website, and were pointed in the direction of Lizzie Jackson who was in the process of looking into such a tool for website and would be interested in hearing what the students wanted.

in terms of the t-shirt designs none of our designs were usable as we were hit with a brick wall of conditions surrounding the ravensbourne brand and logo. but Jill was very helpful and made sure that we understood all of the terms.

so we were unable to touch the ravensbourne logo and any text had to be in a specific font. there are rules surrounding any text near to the logo. so basically we were advised to ignore the logo and keep it on the t-shirt but to think of how we could use the penrose pattern in an imaginative way. so we went away and looked up the college terms on how to use the brand and began work.
with the intention of having more refined and usable designs by the end of the week

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