Saturday, 21 May 2011

after the formative assessment

after the meet we sat down as a group and discussed our next step Carlos, group leader, stated that he was sorry but he needed to go. sensing that this would result in no work getting done i asked him to let people go for a quick lunch while he wrote down a job list and a mission statement. he was concerned about the fact that our group is soo large, around 11 people, and that it was hard to allocate jobs. so seeing the potential in the group i reminded Carlos that the creation of a physically working website was not really achievable with our skills and the time frame so my suggestion was this.

i asked Kofi, the web designer, if he could make the website. he replied no i dont know how to do all you want and there isnt enough time. so i asked if he would be able to make an offline prototype website displaying the bare bones of how the website would work with a couple of profiles. he was much happier with this and said that that would definatley be possible.

stage 2 was to suggest increasing our merchandise team and use that as a quick earner to generate income to support the long term website project, at the same time as creating merchandise that would promote our films and the we would in turn be able to create merchandise that would promote our website as a brand.

by making the merchandise team bigger i also suggested making a deputy team leader who would manage the merchandise half of the project, so in effect we have 2 teams that our working towards different short term goals but the same long term goal.

with this business model we will be able to devote more time to the merchandise and increase sales whilst working closer on the website and refining the idea, with the intention of selling the website model to the college at the end of the project.

Carlos thought the idea was a good one and that it made sense with our strict deadlines. so boom thats the current plan. and i opted that Hayleigh be promoted to leader of merchandise as she had put all the effort in previously.

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