Sunday, 22 May 2011

domain name and trademark copyright

so our group has a little dilemma over the choice of our brand name. The Third Network.

at first it seems like a great name, until our market research discovered a small company in america that sold mobile phones. they do not currently own a website and are in the process of building one. even though we offer completely different services this still counts as infringing upon copyright.

here is the number 1 hit on google for "the third network"

it is a blog page and as such is unimportant, but it is the reference to the mycell company,, a couple of hits down that worries me. although the link does not go anywhere, page 404 not found- error, it still shows that this company is out there and we must consider legal repercussions.

the majority of the group is unfased by this as the domain name "thethirdnetwork" is available.


-change our name to something that does not exist
-stick with our name as legal action is highly unlikely.
- alter the "third" to "3rd"

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