Saturday, 21 May 2011

the formative.

formative assessment time....

our group was in for 12 so we met before and discussed the project and its current position, we gave feedback upon the work that people had done and again my logo got mixed reviews "it looks like a space ship?"

so the meeting met with a tutor and began to discuss the project he was initially shocked by the large number of participants and then progressed to quiz carlos on the project. i found it particularly shocking that the tutor had evidently not read our project plan that we had submitted 3 weeks ago now as all the questions asked had been addressed in that document. but oh well that was how it was. i asked a couple of questions around the legal side of things such as tax and the possibility of having to set ourselves up as a private company. i was assured that the money that we would be making would not quantify as having to register as a company or to register as self employed.

i also asked if we as students had any legal protection from the college in terms of lawsuits surrounding copyright. i feel it is very possible that our website could encroach on services already available. once again the tutor was relatively vague and basically said that i shouldnt worry as that wont happen.

at the end of the meeting i asked the tutor to judge the level of idea that our project has to which we got around a mid level C+ stating that its good but its been done before and needs an edge to make it slightly more entrapaneuriable.

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