Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wed the 25th

so at college today a small group of us began to discuss the merchandise situation, i.e. whether or not to make the merchandise to support and promote the business, that probably wont sell or make merchandise that is quick money and will sell.

so personally from an entrepreneurial perspective i would start by producing merchandise that makes money, to quickly fund the research and creation of the website. as the website becomes more of a solid idea and is nearing completion i would introduce the merchandise as an advertising campaign to support the release of the website. as it stands at present the website has no clear cut mission statement and is not in a commercial state. i do not see students spending money on apparel and merchandise that supports a non existent company.

my proposal:

1.we sell custom t-shirt designs along with badges and anything else that students are willing to buy.
2.the point was raised that there was no attempt to create a ravensbourne hoody this year. apparently students have been asking for it but the service has not been available. with some research the hoodies from previous years were bought and made for £10 a piece and easily sold at £20 each.

possible outcome we make more money than we could have, but this takes time away from designing the business model for the website. i will present this to the group tomorrow.

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