Saturday, 21 May 2011

meeting with linnea

so we had a very long day of lectures from an external speaker who knew a great deal about making businesses. it was very insightful but as i am not interested in setting up my own company i found my attention span waining.

all of the group apart from Alex C, Chris C and myself left college early, resulting in us arranging a meeting with linnea to discuss the project.

this is now 2 weeks after submitting our project plan and the tutors had only just received them, bad management if you ask me as this project is so short. we briefed her on the project so far and apologized for the rest of the group not being there and that we would be speaking on behalf of the team leader.

she believed that the project was indeed very interesting but in order to make it successful we would have to decide whether or not to link ourselves to the college. if so then Carlos must arrange a meeting with Jill Hogan, head of marketing at Ravensbourne, this would be to ensure support from the college as we would be using the colleges name to promote the web space.
we should also arrange a meeting with the head of the degree show in order to find out whether or not they had already planned to make such a website. then we were advised to have a discussion with Jared Taylor, animation tutor, to progress the idea and see if he had any thoughts on the project.

we also voiced our concerns over other team members commitments to the project and we were reassured that people would be marked individually and that all marking would be based on effort.

so i made a note of all of these points and messaged the rest of the group with the outcome of the meeting

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